Tips for Choosing a Tax Consultant 

Among the most important things a company can do to protect its wealth is to find a good tax consultant. Though most only meet their consultants annually or bi-annually, others maintain constant strategy meetings over the entire year. Advisors from the Borshoff Consulting LLC are knowledgeable and experienced in tax laws, as well as dedicated to the financial goals of their clients. 

If you’re searching for a tax consultant for your business, be guided by these tips:  


First of all, find out the consultant’s background in the field. You need them to have wide experience, as well as the right acronyms attached to their name. An accountant who is certified to offer professional public accounting services is known as a CPA or certified public accountant. 

Enrolled agents, or EA’s, hold the highest credentials for tax professionals and are empowered by the Department of Treasury to represent their clients in IRS collections, audits and appeals. Only EA’s, CPA’s, and lawyers fill this role. 


A tax consultant can have any fee model - they can charge by the hour, by the complexity of the case, through a portion of the complete refund, and so on. You can’t really tell how much you need to pay until they send you the bill, but it’s always wise to get the context of your costs so you know what to expect. 

Business Time 

Certainly, availability is a critical issue, not just in terms of day to day business but the whole year round. You have to know how it usually takes for them to respond, especially when it’s tax season. They should be available for your questions and other concerns, and you shouldn’t have to wait too long for them to return your communications. This is particularly crucial when you have to answer queries from the IRS following the tax season. Needless to say, your consultant should make themselves available. 

Moreover, take note that taxes are a mere portion of your overall financial circumstances. Therefore, look for a consultant who will be there for you the whole year through. 

Tax Specialty 

People are all unique, even their taxes. It makes perfect sense to hire a consultant whose expertise lies in your specific industry. Your needs as a restaurant owner will be different if you were a software developer. You get the picture. 


Finally, we all know that communication with the Indiana's tax expert (and other professionals) has become incredibly easy nowadays. There is no excuse for your consultant to fail in this department. 

Communication Style

Finally, we all know that communication with tax consultants (and other professionals) has become incredibly easy nowadays. There is no excuse for your consultant not to meet your expectations concerning this issue. For more information, click here: